Who are Realtists®

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB) members are called Realtists ® and represent all professional disciplines within the real estate industry. Realtists ® promote the highest standards of professional integrity and follow a strict code of real estate industry ethics. We have a special charge to make certain that communities of color are treated with dignity and respect. The Realtists ® organization was founded in 1947. NAREB is the oldest minority trade association in American. Built on the philosophy of a beacon of excellence, forever guiding and preparing its membership to meeting the challenges of each tomorrow.


  • Strength in numbers

  • Focal point for gathering information

  • Growth thru involvement


Although comprised primarily of African-American professional, the Realtists ® organization is an integrated entity open to qualified practitioners of all races who are interested in achieving the ideals of the Realtist ® theme, 

 "Democracy in Housing". Realtists ® have made substantial contributions to the cause of democracy by working to provide housing for all without limitations or restrictions. They remain true to the dual mission of serving the underserved and developing creative and effective method of rendering such services. In this respect, Realtists ® have become the voice and the conscience of the proponents of equal housing opportunities for all citizens. This involves working on civic programs in the political arena and the business world. All of these facets are a part of the Realtists ® program throughout the nation. This nationwide organization is open to qualified practitioners of all races who have "Democracy in Housing" as their motto.

What We Do ...

NAREB works on behalf of real estate professionals home owners and home buyers to:


  • Promote the highest standards of profession integrity;

  • Follow a strict code of real estate industry ethics;

  • Require professional certifications and accreditations;

  • Advocate for public policies that protect and expand sustainable home ownership, and

  • Partner with other real estate trade groups, civil rights organizations, fair and equal housing advocates, and financial services institutions to make sustainable home ownership for African Americans and other minorities realizable.

Special Charge

NAREB have a special charge to make sure that predominately African American and other minority communities are treated fairly as land use and urban planning policies are developed. More often than not, NAREB Realtists live in communities we serve. 

We see it as out special obligation to preserve, and now, to restore communities where African American buyers and homeowners count on their home being their greatest asset - now and into the future.

For more information about the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) visit www.nareb.com

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