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The program provides course work leading to continuing education credit, certificates and professional designations.

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  • Annual Conventions and Mid-Winter Conference 
  • Legislative Programs 


University of Real Estate 

NAREB's educational program includes a series of workshops and seminars focusing on current housing trends and legislation.  Along with representatives of NAREB's ten division of affiliates, and national housing officials are on hand to share expertise in specialized fields such as Syndication, Franchising, Salesmanship, Property Management, Home ownership  Education Counseling  Effective Office Management and Commercial-Industrial real Estate.  


Professional Designations  

Through it's four (4) major professional societies, NAREB has been instrumental in education in promoting specialization in education for the real estate industry.  Our Professional Affiliates provide specialized educational courses offering training and recognition through its designation.  
They include: 

  • The National Society of Real Estate Appraisers (NSREA), provides education and recognition  to real estate appraisers.  The program leads to the Certified Real Estate Appraiser(CREA) designation. 

  • The Real Estate Management Brokers institute (REMBI), sponsors a comprehensive training program  for Real Estate Managing Brokers and Resident-on-site Managers of private and publicly subsidized multi-family properties in urban areas.  The program  leads to certified Residential Managers (CRM) and Certified Real Estate Managers (CREM) designation. 

  • Sales Associates Division is designed to address the particular needs of the Sales Associate, covering such issues as: employing broker relationships, professionalism, and responsibility to local, state and national NAREB organization.  The program leads to the Certified Resident Real Estate Sales Agent (RSS) designation. 

  • Home Ownership Education Counseling Division sponsors a comprehensive training program for the education of counselors and real estate practitioners.  This group is interested in promoting home ownership though buyer education.  They offer seminars and publications designed to educate potential home buyers about the opportunities available for home ownership.  The Counselors help owners understand the home buying process, help potential owners with financial management, and help Counselors market counseling to leaders.  The training program leads  to a designation for Certified Home Ownership Counselors.  


Education Affiliations  

 Through it's two (2) major Affiliates, NAREB has been instrumental in promoting the participation of women and new entrants to a profession in the real estate industry. These Affiliates offer networking and membership development opportunities through: The mission is to evaluate the standards of women in the real estate industry by encouraging leadership, education and the exchange of information through group learning technique; and to provide the opportunity for woman to increase their knowledge and expertise on all facets of the real estate professional.

  • The Women Council membership allows its participants to enjoy being on the cutting edge, advocating fair housing economic equality, educational training and social dignity.  Members are encouraged to become premier leaders in their respective communities, with the reassurance that collective voices can achieve greater accomplishments, splendor, recognition, and unmatched results.     
    • The Woman's council: (1) offers educational programs and seminars that focus on relative issues that help women to grow in the field of real estate.  (2) Involves itself in key legislation that effects the real estate industry through our parent organization (NAREB). (3) Provides key advice on how to enter real estate fields that specialized designations.  (4) Develops affiliations with other woman organizations that share our philosophy in housing.  (5) Promotes real estate as a profession though it's mentorship and apprenticeship to high school seiners and college students.  (6) Promotes homeownership through various Homebuyer programs.